Bilke industri

Driftsäker kapacitet för linjeanpassning

Bilke halkomakone teollisuuteen

Bilke industri

Driftsäker kapacitet för linjeanpassning

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Bilke Industri är en vedkap för industriellt bruk. Maskinen komplett med inmatningstransportör kundanpassas i befintlig linje. Automatiskt upparbetas materialet i lämpliga stycken för att vidare enkelt kunna transporteras. Upparbetningen sker med låg ljudnivå och dammfritt.

Help with work

The wood chopping machine is supplied with a feeding device, and it can be installed in the line where the wood to be chopped is directed to. Thanks to the fully automated wood chopping device, work and re-processing of problem wood becomes considerably easier.

Great track record

Among other places, the chopping device is used at a large sawmill in Sweden. Based on positive user experiences, we have been able to prove the indisputable advantages of the machine. The industrial wood chopping device uses the same patented cutting technology as the processor manufactured for private use.

Customised to your needs

If you so wish, we will customise the device individually to meet your requirements. The conveyor length , installation height and required automation systems for mill environments are always designed individually.

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